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Eddie 365/365

Eddie 365/365 by Photographic State

Sitting at my desk and ready for work this morning. Coffee to go, check. Oatmeal to go, not so much.

I was out of clean tupperware so I needed some way to take my breakfast to work with me this morning.

Rachel 365/365

Rachel 365/365 by Photographic State

Got an awesome card in the mail today from Jody!!

Happy end of year four!

ROBIN 365/365

ROBIN 365/365 by Photographic State

On to year 5 of Photostate.

Clint 365/365

Clint 365/365 by Photographic State

It's been quite a journey with PS so far, and it will happily continue.....

Jordan 365/365

Jordan 365/365 by Photographic State

It's hard to believe today is the final day of my first year in PS. I didn't take a great picture today. So I decided to put together a collage of different pictures to cap off this year. The top left is from a golf outing with our friends Carm and Jill. To the right of that are two pics that I have taken - one at the beach, one on a walk around here. Below those is one of my wedding pics - singing Friends in Low Places :-) to the left of that one is a picture from my friend's rehearsal dinner this summer - we've all been friends since junior high. The bottom left is, of course, Chesney and the bottom right is Rob and I on our honeymoon.

Thank you to all of you for sharing this year with me. It has been great getting to know all of you. I am looking forward to round 2 (round 5 for some of you!!!) LET'S DO THIS!

Jean 365/365

Jean 365/365 by Photographic State
Napoleon and I thank you for another good year (a busy one, but a really good one). We'll see ya'll tomorrow.

Kirsten 365/365

Kirsten 365/365 by Photographic State
Wow 4 years already at an end! Can't wait for another year :D

I made my bed all pretty and flat before leaving for work. Here you can see how my cats moved around during a 5 hour span of sleeping!

jennifer11 365/365

jennifer11 365/365 by Photographic State

there was ridiculous article about how hedgehogs can give you salmonella. One of my co-workers keeps sending it to me, so I sent her this handy "how NOT to avoid salmonella" photo. it seemed a fitting wayto end the year!

chelle 365/365

chelle 365/365 by Photographic State

ahhh... time to put this year to bed! (notice i got a skull in on the last

Lauren 365/365

Lauren 365/365 by Photographic State
Well my year one has come full circle. I'm ending the year exactly how I started, different bed same boring college homework. I can't believe the year is already over but cheers to year five!

Renatta 365/365

Renatta 365/365 by Photographic State
Somehow I ended up being one day off, so here's a cheat. Spent 12 hours working at the courthouse today awaiting a death penalty verdict. This is the courthouse cupola.

Enzie 365/365

Enzie 365/365 by Photographic State
Despite my slacking over the past few months, I have enjoyed participating in P.S. Thank you for welcoming me into this project and sharing with me. I will continue to follow, just not as a participant. Farewell all!

Clint 364/365

Clint 364/365 by Photographic State
I got back today to the town where I spent my first 10 years as a teacher, adult, and bachelor after college for work. I had heard that this motel had a fire, but I had no idea how bad it was - pretty much a total loss.

I had spent a LOT of time here since this is where a fellow teacher and part time girlfriend back in the day lived for a year in this town. Strange to come back and see this...

ROBIN 364/365

ROBIN 364/365 by Photographic State
Joe's grandson ( see my 354/365) insists that we have fleas in one of the bedrooms upstairs. We don't have pets and the only dog who's been in that house is his and that was 4 months ago. (I think Tim brought the fleas with
him.) Nevertheless we are going to try these to remedy the problem.

Jean 364/365

Jean 364/365 by Photographic State
t was a big day for post cards in the mail today--four total, including this one that's actually from a friend of mine. One more state that I didn't have in my collection can be crossed off!

Kirsten 364/365

Kirsten 364/365 by Photographic State
Turner's Ring BEAR costume finally arrived for my cousin's wedding :D He is so stinking cute!

jennifer11 364/365

jennifer11  364/365 by Photographic State

a friend of maddi's is having a baby, so I found two cute little outfits for him. :)

chelle 364/365

chelle 364/365 by Photographic State

new shirt. new(ish) bathroom. neat shot?

Jordan 364/365

Jordan 364/365 by Photographic State
Ches and Deuce having a staring contest.

Lauren 364/365

Lauren 364/365 by Photographic State
My coworkers got me a bib :( I spilled soup on myself a couple weeks ago and they won't let me live it down. Oh well, I wore my bib today with pride.

Renatta 364/365

Renatta 364/365 by Photographic State
Working at the courthouse, awaiting a verdict in a death penalty case.

Rachel 364/365

Rachel 364/365 by Photographic State
Had an oral argument today for class... We also had a lot of snow. So here I am stylin' in my nice clothes... and my Farm and Fleet snow boots. Be jealous.

Eddie 364/365

Eddie 364/365 by Photographic State
It was dress up day for my counter part, somebody got to be a pretend grown up lawyer.

Enzie 364/365

Enzie 364/365 by Photographic State
I blew through these (no pun intended) in a day. After two boxes of tissues (and a roll of toliet paper when I temporarily ran out), two bags of cough drops, multiple doses of Airborne, echinacea, and ibuprofen, and a few borderline-traumatic experiences with Sinex, I am overjoyed to just feel normal again. Yay!

Clint 363/365

Clint 363/365 by Photographic State
Can't see it, but there has been a rail road spur that came into our town that has been out of use for a LONG time. Came this way today, and there were at least 30 different devices(? vehicles? cars?) along here working it over...

Maybe Amtrak is coming to town???

ROBIN 363/365

ROBIN 363/365 by Photographic State
Finally made an appointment with a chiropractor after an episode of severe low-back pain.

Kirsten 363/365

Kirsten 363/365 by Photographic State
Apparently I didn't look quick enough.......

Kirsten 353/365

Kirsten 353/365 by Photographic State

Another birthday at JJ jump. This place is so awesome. There is one huge
structure behind us and a whole other room with crap to do. The kids always
come home dead tired. Love it!

jennifer11 363/365

jennifer11  363/365 by Photographic State

an old friend sent me this picture of her & i on our favorite summertime fun- the ski bob!

Lauren 363/365

Lauren 363/365 by Photographic State
My only photo for today. I cleaned my new yoga mat. Isn't it cute?

Renatta 363/365

Renatta 363/365 by Photographic State
Work to-do list.

Jordan 363/365

Jordan 363/365 by Photographic State
Deuce being awesome and eating lettuce. He's healthy :-)

Jean 363/365

Jean 363/365 by Photographic State
University big wigs decided that faculty should call all admitted fall students to try to woo them to the uni. That meant all the undeclared students fell on my group--so tonight we split up a giant list and stayed
after work to make calls to potential students. Longest day ever. I worked a regular day then stayed and made phone calls to like 60 students. I have no future as a telemarketer. The upside? I do have a couple of rock stars on my team, like this one. She moved in, got comfortable, and
had fun with it. AND stayed til the bitter end and probably made twice as many calls as some other people. I'm lucky to have folks like her on my team.

chelle 363/365

chelle 363/365 by Photographic State
i call it... veggie gratin! mmm.

Rachel 363/365

Rachel 363/365 by Photographic State
Snow. Ick.

Eddie 363/365

Eddie 363/365 by Photographic State
I was dressed up all nice with a shirt, tie, and dress pants but it was really starting to snow and I had to walk to class do I thought it'd be best to put on my boots as I left the house following lunch. Yes, my boots are brown and I'm wearing a mostly black outfit.

The moment after taking this photo I received a text from my boss telling me to stay home because everyone was being sent home early. :-)

Kirsten 362/365

Kirsten 362/365 by Photographic State

My van is gone :(. I'm not happy about having to get rid of her but we were
almost upside down in payments and we had about $1,500 worth of crap to do
to her. On top of that we were getting close to when the transmission
normally goes out on Odysseys. We have been keeping an eye out on any cars
that come into Tyler's work that might meet the requirements of what we
need. It just so happened that this Envoy came in on a day that another
dealership called looking for vans. He paid top dollar for my van site
unseen (looks wise it was in great condition) and as is! So we side stepped
our payments and got an amazingly killer deal on this truck. Still seats 7
and has the tow package we want. Gas will suck but at least we wont be in
the hole come time to sell it!

jennifer11 362/365

jennifer11  362/365 by Photographic State

i'z is done running on mai wheel.

ROBIN 362/365

ROBIN 362/365 by Photographic State

Tulips courtesy of Trader Joe's.

Clint 362/365

Clint 362/365 by Photographic State

Ran into this friendly guy (gal?) arriving in Kanab this morning for work.
So calm, but ready for an adventure!

Lauren 362/365

Lauren 362/365 by Photographic State
Saw this while perusing the Internet today. Uhmmm who has underwater tea parties? How is that possible?

Renatta 362/365

Renatta 362/365 by Photographic State
Skirt and tights.

Jean 362/365

Jean 362/365 by Photographic State
It was a super long day today and will be tomorrow, too. So, you get a photo of surprises Clint brought home for me this weekend in honor of my new job.

Jordan 362/365

Jordan 362/365 by Photographic State
This is in the bathroom at work...on the back of the toilet...

Rachel 362/365

Rachel 362/365 by Photographic State

Had an order for a full set of TMNT beanies come in this weekend, as well as a repeat customer wanting another TMNT beanie to match the ones she previously ordered.

Soooo many turtle hats to be finished!

Eddie 362/365

Eddie 362/365 by Photographic State
It's common that Rachel decides she can't finish her dinner, especially her milk but today she left way more than normal.

Kirsten 361/365

Kirsten 361/365 by Photographic State

I'm not the type to buy these crazy expensive toothbrushes for the kids but
while I have been down with a cold they pretty much let me lay on the couch
all weekend letting me recover and were amazing. So today they both got
their new "Design your own Spinbrush". needless to say..... they LOVED

jennifer11 361/365

jennifer11  361/365 by Photographic State

I'd like to thank the Academt for this Hedgie... oh my god! I can't believe this. Harvey Weinstein... of course! I love you! To my friends and my family... my wonderful crew. This is incredible...

ROBIN 361/365

ROBIN 361/365 by Photographic State

Joe and I discovered a letterbox cache today in the park. Letterboxing is
similar to geocaching. The website for this one is I
was surprised to see how many are in our neighborhood.

Jordan 361/365

Jordan 361/365 by Photographic State

Celebrated too hard last night...