Jean 363/365

Jean 363/365 by Photographic State
University big wigs decided that faculty should call all admitted fall students to try to woo them to the uni. That meant all the undeclared students fell on my group--so tonight we split up a giant list and stayed
after work to make calls to potential students. Longest day ever. I worked a regular day then stayed and made phone calls to like 60 students. I have no future as a telemarketer. The upside? I do have a couple of rock stars on my team, like this one. She moved in, got comfortable, and
had fun with it. AND stayed til the bitter end and probably made twice as many calls as some other people. I'm lucky to have folks like her on my team.


Eddie said...

We've done similar things at UIC but your teammate really made it work!

froeo21 said...

Nice! As much as that probably sucked - I've had students of mine (I work with high school seniors) who have made comments about schools contacting them (even sending them Christmas cards or something) and how that has swayed their decision to attend there vs a larger university that treats them like a #. Hopefully it works out for yins!

Jean said...

That's actually really good to hear. I KNOW we made a difference for some students, and that feels good.

Renatta said...

ahhhh i'd love to have a chair like that at my desk at work!