Kirsten 362/365

Kirsten 362/365 by Photographic State

My van is gone :(. I'm not happy about having to get rid of her but we were
almost upside down in payments and we had about $1,500 worth of crap to do
to her. On top of that we were getting close to when the transmission
normally goes out on Odysseys. We have been keeping an eye out on any cars
that come into Tyler's work that might meet the requirements of what we
need. It just so happened that this Envoy came in on a day that another
dealership called looking for vans. He paid top dollar for my van site
unseen (looks wise it was in great condition) and as is! So we side stepped
our payments and got an amazingly killer deal on this truck. Still seats 7
and has the tow package we want. Gas will suck but at least we wont be in
the hole come time to sell it!


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Congrats! Everything worked out in your favor.

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