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Jordan 365/365 by Photographic State

It's hard to believe today is the final day of my first year in PS. I didn't take a great picture today. So I decided to put together a collage of different pictures to cap off this year. The top left is from a golf outing with our friends Carm and Jill. To the right of that are two pics that I have taken - one at the beach, one on a walk around here. Below those is one of my wedding pics - singing Friends in Low Places :-) to the left of that one is a picture from my friend's rehearsal dinner this summer - we've all been friends since junior high. The bottom left is, of course, Chesney and the bottom right is Rob and I on our honeymoon.

Thank you to all of you for sharing this year with me. It has been great getting to know all of you. I am looking forward to round 2 (round 5 for some of you!!!) LET'S DO THIS!

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Robin in NJ said...

Nice collage. Glad you are doing another year.